Pan Controls Limited

Case Studies
Pan Motion Controls

The following section highlights some of the unique features of the Pan Controller by means of case studies:

Intelligent Indexer for S.P. Technology, Dundee

Improving bag quality using pre-printed material at Smith Anderson

Flexible automation in photographic film production

High speed printing at Bemis

Innovative use of rotating knife at Korsnas

Machine tool control for specialised packaging at Dewars

Automatic saw for high accuracy timber packaging

Improved printer setup for SCA Packaging

Perfect tyres for Egyptian National Railways

Quality control for Raytheon Systems, Glenrothes

High Speed cutting for Powergrind

Intelligent conveyors for United Biscuits, Glasgow

High accuracy for Ferranti, Edinburgh

Test rig for TRW Cam Gears, Dunstable

Machining a variable pitch helix