Pan Controls Case Studies

    Automatic saw for high accuracy timber packaging

Dewar Brothers (Packaging) produce a wide range of packaging for the electronics industry. When the ageing PLC for controlling a Schilling automatic saw failed, Pan Controls was called in to provide a customised control system. A servo motor was selected to drive two linked lead-screws. These screws are connected to a metal "pusher" which pushes several sheets of plywood to positions for cutting. These sheets of plywood need to be cut to precise widths.

The controller which Pan Controls installed allows the user to enter a "chain" of sequential cut widths. It also provides all the peripheral control, including activating the saw. It makes sure that any backlash is eliminated

In addition, there is significant backlash in ball-screws; as a result, the controller ensures that any slack due to backlash is always taken up before any cutting operations.

The Pan control system has enabled Dewar Brothers to provide highly accurate timber cutting simply and effectively.

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