Pan Controls Case Studies

    Improved printer setup for SCA Packaging

SCA Packaging produce large quantities of corrugated boxes for the Whisky industry. In order to achieve high quality printing, the outer paper layers of these boxes are pre-printed on a 5 colour Chadwick printer.

The printer was originally fitted with a hydraulic control system for setting up the print rollers. This proved expensive to maintain, unreliable, and messy (with a lot of oil leakage).

Pan Controls was asked to provide a control system to position all the print rollers from a remote hand-set. All the various positions (16 axes) are displayed on custom designed indicators. Once the rollers have been set up, if the machine is stopped for any reason, the setup positions are logged by the controller, and the rollers are retracted. When the printer is started again, the rollers return to the correct setup position.

The system which Pan Controls has supplied has enabled SCA to increase reliability and cleanliness, and reduce product wastage.

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