Pan Controls Case Studies

    Flexible automation in photographic film production

Polaroid produce instant films at their Dumbarton factory. In the past they have bought in developer in 44 gallon drums from a sister company. One drum of developer will produce a produce with a single film speed. When one of these drums is opened, it instantly has a limited shelf life, and a large batch of film has to be produced.

Polaroid developed a process to address this issue. From a two part mixture they can generate a range of film speeds. Pan Controls designed a three pump mixing system to address this problem. Two of the pumps adjust the ratio of the component parts, and the third one acts as a metering pump to ensure a very accurate dispensation for each film pod.

The operator has a simple keypad and display arrangement which allows the film speed parameters to be entered and converted to the correct pump velocities.

The new 3-pump system has allowed Polaroid to produce relatively short runs of special products economically, and to keep stock levels down.

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