Pan Controls Case Studies

    Machine tool control for specialised packaging at Dewars

Dewar Brothers (Packaging) produce a wide range of packaging for the electronics industry. One of the growth areas is the machining of foam packing for high value electronics instruments etc. Dewar Brothers purchased a Reichenbacher 3-axis milling machine. This has three heads and a vacuum bed which is large enough for all the packing components which are likely to be manufactured. This machine had an old Siemens CNC controller which was not supported. Pan Controls replaced this with their own control system, together with an operator interface, printer, and smart card system.

The machine had originally been designed for manual tool setting. An automatic probing assembly was designed and installed; this makes the setting up of the machine faster and more reliable.

A programme structure was developed to make regularly used shapes easy and concise to enter. For example, a rectangular cut-out is often designed for rectangular component to be inserted. The corners of the cut-out will have a radius defined by the tool radius. Corner relief to allow rectangular components to be inserted can be automatically performed when required.

A limited number of programmes for complete components can be stored on the controller. In addition a programme can be stored on a smart card, which can then be put on file.

The operator programme structure was developed using the standard PANAX controller language.

The Pan Control system has enabled Dewar Brothers to enter complex shapes for foam packaging in a fast and simple manner, and allows archiving of parts on smart cards.

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